20 May 2011

Dirtiest River In The World

Citarum River, slowly flowing near the capital Jakarta, is the largest river in Indonesia’s Djawa Barat, total length of 272 km. It is Indonesia’s important river for irrigation, also the main source of drinking water to local residents.
It was a beautiful clean river, but in the past 20 years due to a large number of industrial and domestic wastes discharged into the river, Citarum River’s beauty no longer exists. Polluted water and accumulative garbage, some people even think that picking up litter is more substantial income than fishing. Citarum River is even by the media as the dirtiest river in the world.

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kat indon (bandung) mmg ada diaorg buat dinding umh dr plastik2 sampah+botol2+kertas surat kabo...

tu kira kreatif atau terpaksa ?


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